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Well, I got to change the site up a bit 8D;;; so it's not all plain... I plan to work on character profiles but I still have to work on book marks for Amaria and Koushoku. (T^T I only have Elios and Lena)

Uhh... About the "volume" covers, I hope I could at least get in 3 volumes (1: Lena & Elios, 2: Rival & Kyuubi, 3: ally & wolf - maybe a fourth for Lena's "rescuee"?) that makes up a total of like... 3 to 4 chapters per volume... (at least 9 chapters) so uhh during those times... I'll be... "lazy" '_' working on them... *shiver* DX if the "rescuee" doesn't show up within the three volumes, 3 characters for the 4th volume is gonna be hell... DX

posted by >Usachiru @ September 8th, 2007, 11:12 pm  -  0 Comments

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