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Dimensional Lineage

Lena Riviera is a student at the elite school, Lucas Academy for the Gifted, despite not having a talent of her own. When graduating is rare, will she really have time to deal with magical spirits called Terranites? << Right to left << 8D;;; *Forgot to mention*


Re-drawing DX

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone and happy Holidays! ^_^

As the title states, I am redrawing Dimensional Lineage so that the story makes sense and that it goes little by little O.o; I have planned out that this will, still, extend to 48 chapters. The reason for this redoing of the entire comic is not because of slight style change, but the need for quality tones, and such O.o so please bear with me as I am trying to progress >.o

With that in mind, I will, however, be able to update more than usual because of winter break 8D Happy for me and u, but still got AP review classes DX


posted by >Usachiru @ December 25th, 2007, 7:43 pm  -  1 comments

Site layout

Well, I got to change the site up a bit 8D;;; so it's not all plain... I plan to work on character profiles but I still have to work on book marks for Amaria and Koushoku. (T^T I only have Elios and Lena)

Uhh... About the "volume" covers, I hope I could at least get in 3 volumes (1: Lena & Elios, 2: Rival & Kyuubi, 3: ally & wolf - maybe a fourth for Lena's "rescuee"?) that makes up a total of like... 3 to 4 chapters per volume... (at least 9 chapters) so uhh during those times... I'll be... "lazy" '_' working on them... *shiver* DX if the "rescuee" doesn't show up within the three volumes, 3 characters for the 4th volume is gonna be hell... DX

posted by >Usachiru @ September 8th, 2007, 11:12 pm  -  0 comments

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